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Two Choices

Two-channel passive router


The 2choices module is a passive utility proposing the routing of 2x5 sources on two independent channels to 5 linked outputs ... This routing is bi-directional.

(For the presentation, all leds are visible by photo editing because in reality, leds A & B can not be activated at the same time).

Accept all signals.

Available with black panel.

Prix : 42€ (excluding shipping costs).

Payment by Paypal, sending with tracking number.


Specifications :

Size 6HP, epoxy panel 1,6 mm.

Deep : 25mm (skiff friendly).

PCB in epoxy FR4 dual layer, 1,6 mm. Surface finish HASL.

Components tested and assembled by hand, in Brittany, France.

Available as an assembled Module, no kit.

In the box : M3 & nylon nuts.

Consumption : ~ 4 mA (+12V) / 0 mA (-12V).





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The terms of payment, delivery times and shipping costs, will be detailed by return mail.

The payment will be only in euros (€) and can be done by paypal or check for metropolitan France. International delivery possible with tracking number. Learn more about delivery terms or contact me...

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